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21st and 22nd of June, 2008

Convention of the Cologne Group (NLS)

"Signs and Traps of Love"

"You, who know the drives
of the heart, tell me, is it love
that is burning in here?"
Mephisto: How about her heart?
Margarethe: What do you mean, sir?

Once upon a time, the most respected and cleverest of the men in Greece convened to talk about love in the course of a symposium, or rather about the things they loved.
What you love is the object of love, or the love object. Love is a "funny" feeling, says Lacan and nothing will change about it if you tackle it with today's medico-technologic instruments, such as the functional magnetic resonance tomograph (fMRT) used by neuro-biologists.
Even though some people's "hormone levels" already rise on the mere watching of a love movie, most watchers simply "feel deeply moved" when the kiss is coming, at last, at the end of the film.
Is a kiss a sign of love? How come that it is possible to confound sex and love? Is love only the "Sunday Best", the disguise worn by sexuality?
Freud and Lacan state that love and sex are not identical, that the "one" has nothing to do with the "other".
This “Love, or whatever it may be”, this secret, is on the agenda of our "symposium", which is not a symposium in the classical sense, for there will also be women among the speakers; we will try to approach this topic to a degree.
Among our targets will be breathing some life into the formula of Lacan, that love is a metaphor, a significant.

Harold Dielmann

  Mozart, Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), aria of Cherubino
  Goethe, Faust
  Lacan, Sem. VIII, XI, XX
  Freud, Abriß der Psychoanalyse

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